SugarCRM Women's Cycling Team

SugarCRM Women's Cycling Team
Photos Copyright Garrett Lau

SugarCRM powered by Giro optics and helmets.

SugarCRM riders were sporting their new team issue Giro optics and helmets at the Merco Credit Union weekend. In awesome black, red and white gloss that matches their SugarCRM kits and Blue RC8 bicycles, the SugarCRM riders were clearly the most stylish girls in the Pro field.
SugarCRM riders will use solely Giro optics and helmets in racing and competition for the remainder of 2009. The Giro Atmos, utilising the Roc Loc 4 and Super Fit Engineering sets the industry benchmark for adjustability, durability and comfort. This Giro helmet features wind-tunnel ventilation that combines 26 active vents with internal exhaust channels that force cool, fresh air over and around your head while forcing stale, warm air out.
The Giro Havik optics feature Giro's Super Fit shaping for a no-interference fit with most helmets as well as Zeiss-certified optics.