SugarCRM Women's Cycling Team

SugarCRM Women's Cycling Team
Photos Copyright Garrett Lau

Lindsay Myers 2nd, Starla Teddergreen 4th at Napa Valley GP

SugarCRM riders put in a sterling effort at the Napa Valley GP, with Lindsay Myers dominating the breakaway to finish 2nd, and Starla Teddergreen winning 2 mid race priems and the bunch kick for 4th. In all, the combined efforts of these two, plus Kim Fong, Jen Van Muckey and Holly Roberts put the other teams including Vanderkitten, Wells Fargo and Touchstone on the back foot for most of the race.

On a tight, 1km circuit that features 7 turns including the infamous "crazy P", the SugarCRM riders ensured a fast opening pace, with Starla Teddergreen launching solo for the first priem prize. Immediately after she was brought back, Lindsay Myers took a flyer that would see her stay away for the remainder of the race.
After a few minutes, Mary Maroon (Vanderkitten) bridged across with Starla in hot pursuit. Maroon made the juncture to Lindsay and her breakaway companion, while Starla powered away wearing out the opposition.

In the closing stages of the race, Lindsay and Mary dropped their breakaway companion, and seizing the initiative Lindsay made a bold attack with 4 corners to go. Alas, Maroon managed to dive throught he final turn in front, and in the tailwind drag to the line claimed victory.
Less than 20 seconds later, Starla used the same technique as Lindsay with success, gapping the field and sprinting strongly to an excellent fourth place finish, with Jen powering to 9th and Kim strong in 11th.

A great day for the SugarCRM gals and they were certainly the most popular crew on the Cycles Gladiator podium!!