SugarCRM Women's Cycling Team

SugarCRM Women's Cycling Team
Photos Copyright Garrett Lau

Mary Ellen Ash and Starla Teddergreen Podium at Memorial Day Criterium

SugarCRM riders put in a stellar performance at today's SugarCRM Memorial Day Criterium, won by PROMAN's Shelley Olds.
In a high paced event punctuated with many strong attacks from riders from TIBCO, PROMAN, Vanderkitten, Jazz Apple, Honda Hopkins and Metromint, the SugarCRM riders stuck to the pregame plan and led into the final corner, setting up two of their riders on the podium in a class field.

Kim Fong was the first rider to cover a threatening move, straight off the first lap with Brooke Miller (TIBCO) and Ruth Corset (Jazz Apple) showing fast legs from the start.
Riders took advantage of the "easy" circuit to let their aggressiveness shape the race, and by midway throught the criterium the most threatening move of the day featuring SugarCRM's Karla Kingsley, Amber Rais (TIBCO), Shelley Olds (PROMAN) and Ruth Corset (Jazz Apple) held a 15 second advantage over the chasing pack, led by Webcor- Sportvelo.

Images by and Race Report by: Lyne Lamoureux
From five to go the race was gruppo compatto, and the dominant sprinters teams began to set up their trains. Coming into the second to last straight it was an all TIBCO affair but SugarCRM's Liza Rachetto launched into the final corner with two red and white SugarCRM jerseys glued to her wheel- Mary Ellen Ash and Starla Teddergreen. In a frenetic sprint one of the fastest girls in the USA, Shelley Olds managed to take the win from Corset, with a charging Mary Ellen Ash holding off Brooke Miller for 3rd. Starla Teddergreen showed the rest of the field a clean set of heels to take the last place on the podium, while lead out rider Liza managed 8th.

Spirits were high among the girls but all were also concerned about a mid race incident that took out Team Captain Jen Van Muckey. Jen injured her shoulder after several riders were involved in a pileup, and we are all wishing JV a speedy recovery so she can get out and show her speed again soon.

Apart from putting two SugarCRM riders on the podium, it was also great to see Bri Szolusha racing her first event since the birth of Axel less than 8 weeks ago, and Cat3 rider Cecelia Altamirino mixing it up with the Pro riders.
A very special thanks to Carley Fardell , DC who provided valuable Chiropractic care and support to the team at this event, as well as the continued support of SugarCRM, Blue Bicycles, GIRO, and all Team Sponsors.