SugarCRM Women's Cycling Team

SugarCRM Women's Cycling Team
Photos Copyright Garrett Lau

Starla's Davis Crit Race Report

After a week off the bike, I was not sure where my legs would be today. I only knew one thing, they would be dead to me or ready to storm. The plan was to check in with each other during the race and if my legs wanted to come out to play, I would get a lead out by Lindsay and Karla for the win. The plan was also to cover attacks the first half of the race and then be more aggressive in the second half and see if we could make something stick. If not, we would lead it out for the sprint.

Soon out of the gates there was an attack. I was in position so I went with it. It looked like we had a gap so I look over and say "hey why not" she nods and says "ok". We take turns pulling and stay away for a few laps. They ring the bell for a $100 prime (oh yes I want this), we are starting to get pulled back and I'm a little tired and think to myself if we get caught now I have no chance of winning the sprint, so I attack and manage to stay off and take the prime ( woo hoo!). I sit up and sink like a stone until I am in the middle of the pack. I hold position there so I can get a little recovery. I look to the front and am happy to see Lindsay, Karla, and Kim ready to cover.

Now I'm not going to get the order of this right but you will get the picture. More attacks, Karla goes takes a prime, Lindsay goes takes a prime, I go again take another $100 prime (what can I say I'm thinking money for Belgium). More attacks Karla covers, Kim covers, Lindsay covers, and somewhere in there I take another prime. It's getting late in the race, we start to attack. Tibco is working hard, so is Metromint and other riders to keep up the pace, but we are there to cover every move.

Two to go I find Karla, I'm on her, now I'm not. Lindsay gets me back up closer to Karla, now I'm back on her, then I'm not, ok for real now, I'm on! She's killing it into the last turn and I take off ( I say to myself don't shift down, try sprinting in a smaller gear, I learned this is a smart move and works for me). I'm sprinting and it looks all clear when a wheel starts to creep into my peripheral on the left. It's Carol Irving of Touchstone. I know she is a strong sprinter, we have been here before, but I put my head down still sprinting, she is gaining on me (in my head noooooooo). I dig deeper, I'm pulling ahead, there's the line and it's a W!, hands up super excited for a win.

The team rode amazing. We had a plan, we stuck to it, and it worked! Karla gave a phenomenal lead out. Lindsay launched some aggressive attacks and Kim rode like a champ covering some tough attacks.
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